“Do not wish to be anything but what you are; try to be that, perfectly.”

-Fortune Cookie

Treatment Philosophy

Helping clients make meaningful changes in their own life is the core of my approach to psychotherapy. As stressors and problems seem to pile up, people often approach therapy feeling defeated or frustrated. Together, we will work on identifying and moving toward your goals. Based on Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles, I develop an individualized approach for each client. I believe in being straightforward with you and de-mystifying the therapeutic process. In my eating disorders treatment, I use a rational, scientific approach to helping you develop peace with your body and with food. The end goal is for food to be enjoyed and to be a tool to nourish you, rather than be something that has so much power over you. We will initially focus on stabilizing eating behaviors while managing emotions and thoughts more effectively. I partner with Registered Dieticians who will help you develop a personalized meal plan. Then, we will move on to addressing other issues that underlie or maintain the problem, making you vulnerable to relapse.

Re-framing Your Thinking

So much of our struggles are rooted in trying to deny or escape who we are and what we feel. I work to help my clients accept themselves and their emotions, identify and challenge self-destructive thoughts and behavioral patterns, and develop more adaptive ways of coping. Research shows that working toward mindfulness to minimize these judgments and self-destructive behaviors leads to more regulated emotions and behaviors. It is only through mindfulness, true acceptance of where we are in this moment, that we are lead to change. I work with clients to help them re-frame their thinking about themselves and their lives.  Along with this I help clients develop effective ways of managing difficult emotions.

A Focus on Wellness

With my background in health psychology, I understand the influence of our physical health on our psychological well-being. Therefore, I incorporate wellness into each treatment plan. We will constantly think about your needs hierarchy and prioritize physical well-being before we can work on other goals. Through wellness, you can move toward breaking the cycle of self-loathing that keeps you in unhealthy patterns.  I encourage clients to care for and nourish their bodies and minds in ways that promote healing and self-acceptance. I will collaborate with other treatment providers including physicians, dieticians, psychiatrists, or alternative care providers to provide holistic treatment that emphasizes mind-body care and connection.

Family Work

Often times, emotional problems become family problems. For many clients, family involvement is essential to therapeutic success. I work with children and adolescents, both individually and with parents, siblings, partners, and other family connections. I work with each client to decide what level of family involvement is appropriate given his or her particular situation.

***Disclaimer: Individuals pictured are models and are used for illustrative purposes only.***