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“Accepting your body is not just about physicality, it’s about accepting who you are, not continuing to wait until you become the person you imagine being.”

-Linda Bacon, Health at Every Size

About Us

Clinical PsychologistCatharine Devlin

Owner, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Catharine Devlin is a Chicago-based, Licensed Clinical Psychologist. With two main specialty areas:  1. eating and nutrition issues and 2. family, child, and adolescent psychology, her private practice is located in Downtown Chicago and South Barrington, IL. She began her private practice in Lakeview in 2012. She recently expanded her practice to South Barrington in 2018, in order to service clients in the Northwest Suburbs. Additionally, Dr. Devlin has moved her Lakeview office to the Chicago Loop.

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Mallory Silberman

Associate Clinician, Licensed Social Worker

Mallory Silberman is a Licensed Social Worker, specializing in working with youth and adults with eating disorders and disordered eating. Mallory treats clients at South Barrington and the Chicago Loop locations.

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LeChae Mottley

Associate Clinician, Licensed Social Worker

LeChae Mottley is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) and specializes in working with clients with eating disorders, disordered eating, weight concerns, and trauma. LeChae provides counseling at the South Barrington and Chicago Loop locations.

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